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Australian Shepherd Appearance - Black Tri








The Australian Shepherd comes in four acceptable colors:

1) black
2) blue merle - a marbling of gray/silver and black, often creating a "blue" effect
3) red - ranging from light cinnamon to liver
4) red merle – a marbling of red and silver or buff


A variety of white and tan markings may appear on the face, chest, front and rear legs.


The outer coat is of moderate length, with a texture that is straight to wavy and weather resistant. The undercoat is soft and dense, and the amount varies with climate. Tails are either naturally bobbed or docked. Ears are moderately sized, and should break forward and over, or fall to the side as rose ears. Males weigh approximately 50 to 65 pounds, measuring from 20 to 23 inches, and females weigh about 40 to 55 pounds, measuring from 18 to 21 inches.


The eyes of the Australian Shepherd come in a wide variety of colors, making this one of the most notable features of the breed. They may be any color or combination of colors from glassy blue, amber, hazel, to all shades of brown. As a result Aussies can be encountered that have, for example, a blue eye and a brown eye.


With the merles, it is not uncommon to see both eyes "marbled" with two different colors.


Black Tri Australian Shepherds


Black is one of the four basic coat colors of Aussies, frequently – but not necessarily - accompanied by white markings on the face, chest, legs, and under parts. Copper points are also commonly seen on the face and legs. So, black coated Aussies may be:


1) black and white with copper points – familiarly called "black tri" instead of the more formal black tricolor
2) black and white – known as "black bi" for black bicolor
3) solid black


Black Aussies usually have brown colored eyes, although they may occasionally have one or both eyes that are blue.











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